Project Management Approach 

All action required by DEKK and its clients is defined and laid out in a time goal format. This insures the timely and trouble free completion of your project.


Space Audit    

sizes up all your space requirements: 

  • Total square feet
  • Private offices
  • Open space
  • Meeting rooms
  • Computer specifications
  • Electric
  • Loading Docks
  • Level of finish

This audit produces your build-out specifications. DEKK then BIDS-OUT, compares and monitors the construction cost. 

Buy/Build Decision

  • Financial Feasibility Study
  • Site Selection considering existing building or land and for build to suit construction
  • Cost/Financing

Schematic Layout  

Provided by DEKK to identify: 

  • Relationships
  • Requirements by area

Selection Criteria

Established Based on Firm's Requirements.

Geographical Area  

  • Work force demographics
  • Accessibility
    -Public Transportation 
  • Hotels-Restaurants-Fast Food
  • Crime-Safety

....Add new map....


  • Age-Design-Type of Construction
  • Energy Efficiency
  • HVAC
  • Efficiency Factor
  • Food Service
  • Safety Features
    -Card Access 
  • Expansion


  • Net Present Value Analysis of all Building Costs and Moving Expenses
  • Budget to lease or purchase
  • Terms and conditions

Only those buildings that meet your criteria will be selected for inspection! 

Building Selection

Selection Criteria is applied to databases to identify buildings, and only those buildings that need the Selection Criteria.

Analysis and Negotiation 

Request for proposals are sent to selected buildings. 
RFP Requests: 

  • Line item construction proposal
  • Detailed description of area with map
  • Description of building and its features
  • Complete financial breakdown:
  • PV ("present value") Deal Comparison
  • Rent-escalation
  • Operating expenses and cap
    -Three-year history 
  • Incentive:
    -Free rent 
    -Early occupancy 
    -Cash for move 
  • Options to:
    -Renew with fixed rate 
    -Terminate with formula

Full analysis with 75 line items 

  • Customized to reflect your requirements
  • report is submitted with analysis
  • Updated as required

 Additional Services: 


  • Moving companies
  • Telephone installers
  • Computer installers
  • Interior designers
  • Furniture purchases
  • Space planners
  • Mortgage availability 

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