was established to "Protect the interest of the Buyer/Tenant." This is accomplished by eliminating the historic CONFLICT OF INTEREST between the broker and the building owner.

has never chosen to represent a:

  • Building owner
  • Developer
  • Landlord

This allows you to evaluate the full range of options without bias!


  • Allow our client to negotiate from a position of strength with the current building owner.
  • Concurrently, evaluate all other relevant alternatives.
  • Build/Buy/Lease? Obtain the "Best Financial and Physical" circumstances for the firm!


"No other Broker offers all of the following services!" Therefore, DEKK gives you the most service for your Real Estate Dollar. "This claim has stood undisputed since 1986!"

Realty was established to "protect the interest of the buyer/tenant." DEKK's approach eliminates the historic conflict of interest between the real estate tenant/buyer and the building owner, and allows businesses using commercial, office, industrial or flex real estate to objectively choose the best alternative for their real estate requirement.

DEKK makes a written commitment to represent the client ONLY!


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